The Daily Recap: Will Georgia Tech domination continue?

Here is the November 25 edition of The Daily Recap, presented by JFQ Lending.


Georgia had a pretty dominating run over Georgia Tech.

As Dave McMahon noted, the Bulldogs have outplayed the Yellow Jackets 180-35 for the past four years. And in each of those four games, Georgia has scored at least 38 points, which is obviously more than Georgia Tech’s total in that span.

“The first half of the 20th century was a back-and-forth,” McMahon wrote. “For the rest of the 19th century and beyond, it was a different story.”

McMahon detailed the history of this rivalry, which Georgia has won 17-4 since 2000.

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Anthony Dasher spoke to JacketsOnline’s Kelly Quinlan for an insight into how interim head coach Brent Key was able to get Georgia Tech to play better compared to when Geoff Collins was running the program.

“I think there are two things that stand out in conversations with players and people in the organization,” Quinlan said. “Key exudes calm and confidence on the touchline, regardless of who the team is playing and what the score is. Tech trailed 17-0 in that UNC game last week and he coached the game like it was scoreless. He’ll be after someone or yelling at a referee, so he’s not unemotional – he’s just confident in his plan. And the kids buy it.

“During much of the Collins era, all the things that UGA fans used to poke fun at, like the clothing stuff, the Twitter nonsense, the hashtags and all that other noise, are gone. Key basically told them I want the players to lead the program, and they are accountable for the good and the bad as a team. And he took responsibility. Even though it’s not about football and winning games, Key isn’t focused on that. He wants to win and has channeled everything he learned in that moment, which is basically his only chance.”

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