The future of our country again depends on Georgia

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The future of our country appears to be Georgia’s runoff winner. It would be sad if the amount of money donated to the winning candidate is the only basis for our country’s future. Shouldn’t what he stands for mean more than the amount of money donated to him? I hope that the voters in Georgia will recognize this and use their common sense.

RHS, Eichenwald

It has been reported Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker listed his primary residence for 2022 tax purposes as Texas. Not Georgia. So now we have another Republican being pushed on a tidal wave of right-wing money to another state to run for office he hasn’t lived in and doesn’t know the people or the issues. In a few weeks, he’ll be returning to his true home in the Lone Star State with Mehmet Oz, just like Oz returned to his $45 million mansion in New Jersey. Republicans, so much integrity.

George, south side

no no no Johanna von Eichenwald. I don’t want cold and flu statistics plastered in big letters on the front page. It won’t change the people who don’t want to get vaccinated. Headlines won’t change them, but negativity affects us all. I enjoyed reading about the man who grows vegetables and also the man who had chickens. I don’t always want bad news. Your heart and soul will wither.

Mary, Orlando Park

How often, Can the Courts Postpone/Resume Lawrence Wyllie’s Trial by Law? He’s not in the hospital, is he? Oh, yes, Dan Webb is his attorney. I hope he looks in the mirror as he waits to die each day as he collects his pension. His gravestone will say, ha ha, thanks to the people of Lincoln-Way.

Kathy, Elwood

I am amused while reading another column by Ted Slowik. He talks about the water crisis in the southern suburb of University Park. One person who attended a town hall meeting said that would not happen in Highland Park. Well maybe it would and maybe it wouldn’t. Slowik does not write who has been responsible for almost all of northern Illinois for the last 30 years. And for the past 10-15 years, African Americans have been responsible for most of the African American communities. What have Democrats done to fix this problem? You failed these people.

M, Eichenwald

To BJ out hazel crest. The Republicans who will control the House of Representatives are working for the American people as they seek to get rid of the crime families and others that have devastated this country over the past two years. We didn’t have this crisis in the four years before Biden stepped in. The first step to eliminating crime is getting rid of the criminals. Were you so outraged when Democrats twice stalked Donald Trump with ridiculous impeachment charges and now waste time accusing Trump of nonsense again?

M, Orlando Park

November 17 and 18 we had wind shear climate. Nothing compared to what happened in Buffalo, New York, though. They experienced snow like never before. The first thing our weather experts say has everything to do with climate change. I’m not going to dispute them, but I’d like to add my little mustard. It also has to do with spaceships. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

BJ, Hazel Crest

Does the left hand do you have any idea what the right hand is doing? How disappointing to read that the Tinley Park Park District has expressed an interest in the former psychiatric center property without giving village officials any warning. Separate governing bodies are one thing, but shouldn’t they be there together to do what is in the best interests of residents and taxpayers?

Mary, Tinley Park

I have a Message to all millennials who are mostly democrats. Here’s my advice. First, move out of your parents’ basement. Second, nobody owes you anything. Third, just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you have to censor them. And four above all get a job.

Tom, Burbank

i’m tired read negative articles in the press about Twitter since Elon Musk bought the company. Before his purchase, Twitter was the media darling. All he’s trying to do is stop the bias and give freedom of speech back to the company. It seems that the media rejects these ideas very strongly.

Jack, Eichenwald

Amazingly two years later Coincidentally, after two elections, the New York Times and CBS declared Hunter Biden’s laptop and the information there to be genuine. This despite 51 suspected intelligence experts declaring that it had all the hallmarks of Russian disinformation and banned any reference to it from Twitter and social media. Why do you think people should distrust progressive media?

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David, Tinley Park

The airlines, in Most cities do not have enough assistance for the disabled and seniors who have difficulty walking to distant terminals. Sometimes they have carts, but not consistently. They are not shy about their high air fares. Every airline should hire young men between the ages of 18 and 21 with fit bodies for this job.

Mr G, Chicago

Leo and Jimbo, I thought Republicans would solve the inflation problems, cut gas prices? But no, they revealed themselves. Let’s get Hunter Biden’s laptop, let’s go after the Justice Department for bringing the insurgents to justice. Once again, the crazies are piloting the ship and, as they always do, they will overshoot the range and soon lose the house again. Be careful what you wish for.

Paul, Tinley Park

Don from Orlando Park, I couldn’t be happier that Pekau is going back to Orland Park. He’s just another MAGA Republican who is a denier. I was happy to see Sean Casten beat Pekau. Now all they have to do is find a Democrat to beat Pekau for mayor of Orland Park. The 6th District Victory is Pekau’s defeat.

Geri, Tinley Park