Three takeaways from Kentucky’s loss to No. 1 Georgia

(Photo: Darrell Bird, 247Sports)

Though only six points were put on the board, there were some positives from Saturday’s game against the Bulldogs’ elite defense.

Levi’s posted a 124.5 passer rating, threw for 206 yards and looked much faster, Brown made 10 catches for 145 yards and one touchdown, and the team’s only touchdown drive went for 99 yards.

“Not bad. I think a little bit above average from an execution standpoint,” Levis said of the offense’s performance. “I think we had a great game plan. This is obviously a really tough defense to go up against and we’ve made a handful of games. Probably more downfield games like this than we’ve seen all year. Which is cool, but yeah, I’m proud of how the lads played. It was a weird game with all the possessions by each team. Of course we would have liked to have gotten more points, especially on that one interception drive. We defiantly three points left on the board.” Therefore. I’m proud of how we played against such a good team.”

A major reason why only six points came out of those positives was the British offensive coordinator in the first year Rich Scangarello Play calling was terrible again.

Kentucky ran on the opening drive from Great Britain JuTahn McClain off the shotgun on the third and one off the UGA 31-yard line. That game was abandoned and Great Britain decided to try where they would try the same game but with Chris Rodriguez when running back. The outcome would be the same if the Bulldogs flipped the Wildcats on downs.

Later in the first half, on the 3rd and 12th, at the Georgia 18-yard line, instead of a conservative play call to keep at least a field goal chance intact, Scangarello chose a 50-50 ball that was intercepted was in the end zone.

Red zone interceptions have been an issue for Levis at times this season and Saturdays offered Britain the chance to take an early lead.

“I can’t be specific,” Stoops said of another Levis red-zone interception. “I think he was trying to put one there. It’s difficult how they play and they double down and there are short windows in it. In hindsight, I want to try and share that and have a run, and if I do make everyone say you’re an idiot, you know what I mean.”

Early in the third quarter, after a Jordan Lovett interception, UK got the ball back at Georgia’s 11-yard line, where after a brief first down run and a false start, Scangarello dialed up a wide receiver screen, one of his favorite game calls that led to a four-yard loss, and then in third and long place, Levis finally gave up a chance to throw deep, but the pass was incomplete.

Scangarello’s offense finally heated up early in the fourth quarter when Levis led a 99-yard touchdown drive that was crowned with an 8-yard touchdown pass to Brown for a 16-6.

With two-point conversion required to make it a one-score game, play-calling issues reared their ugly head as Kentucky attempted to overfade Brown instead of their best-contested catch receiver Danish key. The pass would fall incomplete, leaving the deficit at 10 and basically ending any hope of a win.