Girls just want to have funds

Candice Nolan / Apr 30, 2019

Girls just want to have funds

My momster-in-law got me this wall hanging. I put it on the back of my toilet door. It says “Girls just want to have fun”. I added “ds” at the back of fun and now it makes me smile everytime I see it.

I haven’t written about my momster-in-law in ages. Good thing too. She is quite a piece of work. I’ve gotten rid of most of her little gifts, but I kept the wall hanging. It’s true. Girls only want to have funds. Women want to have fun. That’s how I met her son.

Exactly ten years ago, my girlfriends were dragging me out to the weekly haunt. It was on the eve of a holiday and the place was buzzing. I walked in, eyed the tall glass of juice at the bar and gave my friends a warning look “He was mine!”.

I was playing pool, while my hard-of-hearing girlfriend chatted him up at the bar. So, I sidled up to the fella and screamed “wanna dance?”. He nodded shyly and I hit a home run. That was it. We had found each other and we swiftly got lost in each other on the dancefloor.

The bouncer’s kicked us out for “indecency”. We laughed. It was just a kiss. And so it began. Ten years later and it still feels surreal. We met when I had given up on men. I resigned myself to being single forever. Him too. Relationships just didn’t seem to work out for us. Until we found each other.

And now we are raising a family. I marvel at the fruit of our loins. A precocious two-year-old. She is super smart with linguistic skills that put her miles above the rest. I breathe her in and feel such peace and joy. Parenting her with the best within us, we are determined to give her the love and affection we both lacked.

Looking back on my life, I’m sad for what I lacked growing up. At the same time, I’m grateful because it made me who I am. Triumph in the midst of adversity. Lessons, we’re determined, to save our daughter from. Today, I am grateful. Today, I celebrate. Ten years of life and love and miracles. Cheers.

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