Candice Nolan / Sep 27, 2017


I love my job. More particularly, I love doing features for radio. For Heritage month, I put together a feature on the life of one of the first indigenous people to interact with Dutch settlers back in 1652. With the help of Danny Booysen, a sound technician, or rather what I like to call “The Sound Guru”, we put together a sound rich radio feature, that is guaranteed to wow our audiences!

The story is about a Khoi Khoi woman named !Goro/gÕas, but the Dutch heard it as “Krotoa”. They later renamed her Eva, and she went on to become Jan van Riebeeck’s interpreter.

There was absolutely no curiosity for the indigenous way of life. The Dutch East Indian Company was set on building colonies and exploiting the land (and people) for profit.

One of the greatest injustices, to me anyway, is that the Europeanised version of her name is recorded in history and has become the only link her descendents have.

The story is due for broadcast tomorrow morning. I’m so excited, I feel like a kid on Christmas eve!


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