Hair Art

Candice Nolan / Dec 16, 2019

Hair Art

A recent trip to my hair stylist sent me on a trip down memory lane. Last year, in the year that Nelson Mandela would have turned 100 years old, my stylist took on an ambitious project. At that stage he would often shave designs onto my head. One time it was rock art, another a rhino.

So, I challenged him to shave Mandela’s face onto my scalp. He took up the challenge with relish. He is a true artiste. Very methodical and considered in his work. He also has amazing tales to tell. Today, when I stopped by for a hair cut, he told me how he rescued a girl from sexual slavery.

The cops gave him a BB gun, which he insists looked like the real thing. According to him, he went in there, smacking a few Nigerians about the head, warning them against messing with his family again. And then the clincher, he found a beautiful girl there. He propositioned her, she turned him down in favour of the Nigerians! I guess some folks don’t need rescuing.

His name is Gavin, but people know him as G force. His tagline: May the force be with you. His biggest claim to fame was landing up in the Citizen newspaper for the Mandela hair art. “People still talk about that one!”, he gloats proudly. Credits to Nigel Sibanda for the pictures.

The artiste at work
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