Top chef Michael Voltaggio marries Bria Vinaite in a wedding in Hawaii

top chef World Champion Michael Voltaggio and Bria Vinaite are married!

The Celebrity Chef, 44, and The Florida Project star said, “Yes, I do” on Friday, just under six months after their engagement on Vinaite’s 29th birthday in June.

“We have a handful of friends who have been engaged for years, and we wanted to change that narrative,” Voltaggio tells PEOPLE in an interview the day before their wedding in Hawaii. “We want to be married to each other, so obviously we’re engaged. So we accelerated the whole thing.”

“We’re like, ‘Let’s have our dream wedding and do it on our own schedule,'” he continued. “Everyone wants the dream wedding, but it’s all the other things that come with it that might take you away from what the meaning behind it all is. And that’s why we really just focused on that for us. This is really just about being in love with each other and wanting to be married to our best friends.”

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The couple traveled to the Four Seasons Resort on Maui to celebrate their wedding. The destination was an easy choice for the couple considering Maui is Voltaggio’s “favourite place on the planet.”

Her ceremony took place at sunset on stunning Wailea Point, with a beautiful turquoise ocean and lush greenery as a backdrop. During the ceremony, a ukulele player played a Hawaiian wedding song while Vinaite walked down the aisle.

The intimate celebration was shared only by the bride and groom and a friend – while other loved ones followed the ceremony via livestream.

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“We started planning the wedding and we tried to coordinate with the family and it was just overwhelming. So we’re just here alone,” he says battle of the brothers Star explaining they still consider it a “big wedding.” “We did the wedding planner, we did the whole thing, but it’s just the two of us.”

While the couple didn’t want a “traditional” wedding, vows are one element they want to keep classic. “I feel like there is so much meaning behind those vows. So I want to make sure those points are said because I truly believe I’m making that promise to myself,” explains the chef.

One of the unique elements of the celebration was Vinaite’s custom-made Moschino dress.

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“I reached out to one of my really good friends, Jeremy Scott. His stuff is super incredible and he doesn’t usually do bridal wear, so I was very excited to go on this journey with him and create something very special,” says Vinaite. “So he made me a denim corset with a denim mini skirt with a 10 foot train and thigh high gold embroidered boots. It’s literally bananas.”

She loves the “non-traditional” wedding dress and is amazed that Scott created this look for her. “Mind you, he flipped that while doing fittings for Milan Fashion Week,” says Vinaite. “The fact that his team was able to pull this off in such a short amount of time is just incredible.”

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Voltaggio, who is preparing to open his new restaurant Vulcania in Mammoth Lakes, California, found it difficult to find something to complement the actress’ denim dress, but found a unique “tuxedo suit hybrid” from Just One Eye in Los Angeles.

After the ceremony, the couple enjoyed a dinner hosted by Wolfgang Puck’s team at Spago, featuring dishes the restaurant is known for, such as smoked salmon pizza. The simple coordination of the meal was particularly important to Voltaggio. “Hospitality is so important in my line of work and just the fact that we have to take care of each other in moments like this makes me love what I do so much more,” he says.

Their wedding was all about love, according to the two newlyweds, and Vinaite was very excited to make a promise to Voltaggio. “I never thought I would want to get married until I met Michael. He’s literally all of my favorite things rolled into one and I’m just so excited that my best friend will be in my life forever.”

“I’m really looking forward to the ceremony,” she continues. “I look forward to kissing him all night and just laughing and being happy and celebrating our love.” Voltaggio agrees, “It’s a dream come true.”