Young Rock Season 3 Episode 3 Summary

young skirt Season 3, Episode 3 examines the difficult decisions Ata Johnson (Stacey Leilua) must make to keep her family afloat as Rocky’s career takes another unexpected turn. In a recent interview with Leilua, she revealed that Episode 3’s arc is one of her favorite storylines of the season.

“There’s kind of a rivalry — we saw a bit of that in Season 2 — with Lars Anderson, who’s taking over the business,” Leilua said NBC Insider. “We see that play out a bit more in the early episodes of Season 3 and it was fun to play and a cool mix of dramatic moments and kind of a rollercoaster ride for Ata’s character that was nice to play with.” to work. “

It all starts when Rocky’s contract with the WWF is suddenly terminated. But instead of collapsing under the weight of more bad news, Ata tries to bring Rocky into the family business.

“What happens to you happens to me, and if you’re with the WWF, that’s their loss and PPW’s gain,” says Ata. “I’m going to set up a meeting with my mom so we can talk about you wrestling full-time in Hawaii. That’s why we have a family business to take care of the family.”

Ata’s mother, Lia Maivia (portrayed by Ana Tuisila) agrees to sign Rocky, but it doesn’t take long for tensions to rise between PPW’s bookings manager and star wrestler Lars Anderson.

It’s clear that Lars has won Lia’s favor and embedded himself in a position of power in the company, and Ata begins to resent this. This grudge grows to new heights when Lars sabotage Rocky’s first PPW match and eventually steals the spotlight.

Pushing their limits, Ata and Rocky invite Lia over for a private dinner, where they drop the bombshell: “We can’t work with him anymore – either Lars goes or we go.”

However, Lia is not convinced that Lars is a problem.

“PPW is a family business, but it’s also my business and business is good,” explains Lia. “Lars is part of it… Our profits have increased since he joined. We’ve gone from paper to pip and that’s money in my pocket. That’s a good deal, that’s Lars and Lars is staying.”

Ata accepts her mother’s decision but makes it clear that she and Rocky intend to start their own wrestling promotion company. Ata’s mother wishes them well, but sticks to her decision to keep Lars at PPW.

Ultimately, The Rock tells Randall Park this story to justify not helping President Taft with a national security issue — it’s a matter of independence and pride. In the end, however, Park convinces The Rock to put aside his pride for the good of the American people.

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