Candice Nolan / Jan 14, 2020


I’m standing on the cusp of greatness. My destiny. The reason I was put on this earth. Wait…is that too much pressure? Probably! But how else will I aspire to keep stepping one foot forward?! I am building a repository of my life’s work. Stories that I have poured myself into.

There aren’t that many. It feels like all my years in the radio newsroom were a mere foundation for what is to come. Spudcaster is what I was born to do. Born to do. And I’m doing it. One podcast at a time. It hasn’t been easy. At times, like this, I feel like its all just pie in the sky.

I’ve made many mistakes. Faced many a shut door. But I’m keeping on. Mainly, because I have no choice. The alternative is wage slavery. Clocking in and buzzing out. Pushing paper. Virtually. That’s no life at all. My biggest fear is that failing will leave me knocking on this very door.

I can’t let that happen. I won’t. So, I keep on punting my podcasts to my friends. I’m sure they must be tired of my constant calls for reviews. Or maybe they’ve simply learnt to ignore me. Who has time for other people’s dreams?! Sjoe. Maybe that’s not the best way to look at it.

I believe that I do have something to offer. A story. A glimpse into someone’s life. That’s the fundamental element of life. Telling stories. Sharing stories. Listening to stories. Engaging with stories. Stories.

A new phenomenon, to compete with Netflix, the 10 minute show. That is the future. Perhaps the old mode of gathering around the fire to hear tales of olde, is long forgotten. People seem to want quick fixes for everything. Maybe I’m catering for a far smaller audience. Maybe podcasts aren’t for everyone.

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