Candice Nolan / Sep 25, 2018

Spudcaster is a platform for a wide variety of podcasts. We carry church podcasts, current affairs/satire and a blog. To listen to a sermon, simply visit any one of the churches currently listed under the home page. 

For iPhone or iPad:

Visit the Podcasts app on your device. Open that app and search for Baobulb. Click subscribe and you will automatically see all our series and episodes. You can either stream directly or download and listen on the go.

For android phones and tablets:

You will need to download a podcast app from the Google Play Store

Connect on your favourite platform:

If you can’t find the podcast on your app, or would like to listen on another platform, you can copy and paste our RSS-feed into your podcast player:


Or simply click on the icons below

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Became a Patron

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