I don’t like cricket

Candice Nolan / Feb 3, 2019

I don’t like cricket

I really don’t. That is until I really sat down and watched a game. Live. We got these tickets as an apology for the delay in installing home fiber. We went to go and see a T20 International: Pakistan vs South Africa. Or, should I say, South Africa vs Pakistan. Because we won. By the skin of our teeth.

First, I should mention that cricket stadiums are not toddler friendly. To be fair, I can only speak of the Bidvest Wanderers stadium. There are no baby nappy change facilities. That being said, last time, when I went to go and see a Test Match (on a lark), I overheard someone say that it’s not the kind of place for children under five.

Granted, she was rather cramped and the roar of the crowd had her feeling rattled. Still, she is resilient and soon adapted to her surroundings. She happily sang along to her favourite anthem: Shosholoza (making hers my favourite rendition by far)!

There’s just something about watching a live game. The energy is electric. Plus, if you’re a novice like me, you always know when to clap and cheer. This kind of backfired on me, when I clapped along with the Pakistani fans (they weren’t wearing any team colours and they were really really loud). Everyone makes mistakes.

At first, with the test match, I had no clue what was happening. This time around, I made sure to ask all of the stupid questions. Having my dad and my hubby there, helped a tonne. Finally, I understood how to read the score board. I also found out what a “collapse” is and why they call it a “100 partnership”. Oh, and where previously, I would eagerly watch the score board to see why everyone was cheering, I now know the difference between a four and a six. And out ball?! Ged outta here!

Feeling ever the cricket pro, I decided to show baby sesame the correct way to hold the bat. It was very confusing. After my husband stopped rolling around laughing, he untangled our arms and put the bat in a safe place. So, for now, I will stick to learning more about what so many call “the beautiful game”…Wait, I think that’s soccer.

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