Indonesia earthquake recovery, cholera response in Haiti

By Maeve O’Connor

In the last seven days, Direct Relief has delivered 550 shipments of requested medical assistance to 46 US states and territories and 16 countries worldwide.

The shipments included 2.4 million defined daily doses of drugs, including antibiotics, Vitamins, surgical supplies, nutritional products, PPE and more.

Supporting earthquake recovery in Indonesia

A magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Java on Monday, November 21. The epicenter was in the Cianjur region of West Java, 45 miles southeast of Indonesia’s capital Jakarta. Search and rescue and other emergency response operations are underway and the official death toll is expected to rise. Early reports indicate that hundreds of buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Direct Relief has announced initial emergency funding of $50,000 to support key local partner Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC). MDMC is the civil protection arm of Indonesia’s largest civil society organization. MDMC currently has medical and search and rescue teams deployed to the affected areas. Direct Relief also works closely with its regional partner, the ASEAN Coordination Center for Humanitarian Assistance in Disaster Management (AHA Center), which is headquartered in Jakarta. In addition, Direct Relief is in contact with the Indonesian Ministry of Health and is available to provide assistance if needed.

Cholera outbreak in Haiti

Direct Relief teams recently prepared cholera treatment medical supplies that will be deployed in the coming weeks to support health centers and clinics on the front lines of the cholera outbreak in Haiti. The compiled resource includes much-needed items including oral rehydration salts, IV fluids, PPE, antibiotics and medication delivery supplies.

In response to the outbreak in Haiti so far, Direct Relief has shipped 10 tons of cholera-related supplies including water purification tabs, antibiotics and IV fluids, which have been received by Zanmi Lasante and St. Boniface – with a further 4 shipments to be delivered.

In addition, Direct Relief has committed $52,000 in emergency funding that will cover the operating costs of GHESKIO’s two cholera treatment centers. GHESKIO manages two hospitals in Port-au-Prince and has set up two 80-bed cholera treatment centers in response to the outbreak.

Material support to Ukraine

Since February 24th Direct Relief has provided medical aid to Ukraine weighing more than 2.1 million pounds, or 1,038 tons, and more is on the way.

Over the past week, Direct Relief has provided Ukraine with essential emergency supplies including cardiovascular medication, insulin needles, antibiotics, vitamins, inhalers and more.



Direct Relief shipped this week 571,752 defined daily doses of drugs outside the US

Countries that have received medical assistance in the past week include:

  • Ukraine
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Fiji
  • Mexico
  • Malawi
  • Guatemala
  • Jamaica


Direct help delivered“505 shipments containing 1.8 million doses of medicine” in the past week to organizations including the following:

  • Family Health Clinic of Monon, Indiana
  • Agape Clinic, Texas
  • Palmetto Health Council, Inc., Georgia
  • Mission Medical Clinic Arlington, Texas
  • Community Health Systems, Georgia
  • Community Health of East Tennessee, Inc., Tennessee
  • Triangle Area Network, Texas
  • Free Clinic by Meridian, Inc., Mississippi
  • Wolcott, Indiana Family Health Clinic
  • Center for Family Health and Education, California


As of January 1, 2022, Direct Relief has delivered 18.3,000 shipments to 2,208 healthcare providers in 53 US states and territories and 92 countries.

These shipments contain 511.9 million defined daily doses of drugs valued at US$1.6 billion (wholesale), totaling £10.8 million.

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