IUBB Lineup Analysis: Indiana at Xavier

No. 12 Indiana and Xavier fought tooth and nail in Cincinnati on Friday night with the Hoosiers clinching a narrow 81-79 away win. Trayce Jackson Davis scored 30 and Xavier Johnson had his best game of the preseason. Our full synopsis of the game can be found here.

What combinations of players had the biggest impact on Indiana? How did Mike Woodson handle their rotations differently in IU’s first key test of the season?

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  1. first of all, Mike Woodson played more formation combinations with Xavier than in the first two games of IU. Woodson used short shifts, averaging every 1:40 substitutions, until deciding on a final lineup late in the game.
  2. Speaking of the closing lineup, the one Woodson used was IU’s best at +6 with Raw +/-. With 8:05 to go, Woodson traded Trey Galloway to the Jalen Hood-Schifino. Galloway joined Xavier Johnson, Miller Kopp, Malik Reneau and Trayce Jackson Davis. Woodson realized that Hood-Schifino had a tough shooting game during Race Thompson wasn’t the most effective.
  3. The group of Johnson, Galloway, Kopp, Reneau and Jackson-Davis played from the 8:05 mark down to 2:10 to go into regulation. It was 60-60 with 8:05 left. When Woodson made his next move with 2:10 to go, IU led 78:72.
  4. This final line-up had not played together all season.
  5. Do not dismiss Hood-Schifino and Tamar Bates Now. IU’s most efficient units included Hood-Schifino, Bates, Galloway, Reneau, and Jackson-Davis. They only played 1:48 together but turned a 46-44 IU lead into a 54-47 advantage in that short time.
  6. The IU starting lineup consists of Johnson, JHS, Kopp, Thompson and Jackson-Davis played more than any other line-up. They went to -4 in their first layer of the game, but flipped the script with a +4 in the second half to end up with a +0 to the game.
  7. Indiana only played eight players in the second half. Jordan Geronimo, who went -5 in 5:14 in the first half, did not see the floor after halftime. Geronimo had IU’s lowest +/- per minute played.
  8. IU’s top player on Raw +/- was Xavier Johnson (+9). He also led IU in +/- per minute played. Hood-Schifino was the lowest +/- at -7.
  9. IU’s offense was most effective when Malik Reneau was on the pitch. Indiana scored 38 points in his 15:48, a scoring rate of 2.40 points per minute (PPM). IU scored 43 points in the other 24:12, a rate of 1.78 PPM.
  10. Indiana’s defense was best against Xavier with Race Thompson on the floor. The Hoosiers gave up 39 points in his 22:12 game time, an odds of 1.76 PPM. Thompson was off for the 17:48, IU gave up 40 points or 2.25 PPM. Thompson didn’t play for the final 8:59.

Featured Photo: Indiana Athletics