Wrestling competes at Black Knight Invite

WEST POINT, NY – The Brown wrestling team competed this Sunday, November 20th at the Black Knight Invite hosted by the Army. The Bears finished ninth out of 10 teams.

Blake Saito had the best result of any bear, finishing sixth at 149 lbs. He won three games that day against opponents from Columbia, Bloomsburg and Central Michigan.

Hunter Adrian, Justin Beer Dumplingand Keegan Rothrock All respectfully won two games that day with 133, 141 and 157 respectively.

See Brown’s full results from the tournament below.


Liardi (Hofstra) re. Jan Oswalt: 6th-4th December SV
Minnick (Buffalo) defeated. Oswalt: Dec 4-0

Treanor (army) defeated. Nicky Cabanillas: 9th-4th December
Defeated Maddox (Buffalo). Cabanillas: 5th-2nd December

Hunter Adrian def. Thornton (Indiana): 3rd-2nd December
Zaccone (Campbell) defeated. Adrian: Fall 4:54
Adrian defeated. Perez (CMU): 6th-2nd December
Treanor (army) defeated. Adrian: Fall 0:34

Justin Beer Dumpling def. Merritt (CMU): MD 8-0
Evans (PSU) defeated. Beer Dumb: Autumn 0:36
beer dumpling def. Casey (Hofstra): Dec 7-0
Hoyle (Hofstra) or Bierdumfel: 5th-3rd dec

Blake Saito def. Jaden Le (Colombia): Fall 3:55
Lovett (CMU) def. Saito: MD 11-3
Defeated Saito. Tomorrow (Bloomsburg): Fall 3:15
Defeated Saito. Shraders (CMU): 8th-4th December
Burgess (Buffalo) def. Saito: 9th-3rd December

Rooks (Indiana) defeated. Ricky Cabanillas: MD 12-3
Shrader (CMU) def. Cabanillas: 6th-4th December


Stampoulos (Buffalo) def. Keegan Rothrock: 9th-4th December
Rothrock defeated. Bonomo (Bloomsburg): Fall 1:58
Rothrock defeated. Guardian (CMU): 7th-4th December
Nation (Campbell) defeated. Rothrock: Fall 2:23

Guardian (CMU) defeated. Sam McMonagle: 9th-3rd December
Rotkvich (Indiana) defeated. McMonagle: 4th-3rd December


Baker (Campbell) defeated. Harrison Trahan: 6th-2nd December
Simington (Hofstra) or Trahan: 10.-4. December

mason spears def. Kuokkanen (Indiana): 8th-2nd December
Lee (PSU) vs. Spears: MD 11-2
Simington (Hofstra) v Spears: Dec 4-0


Petite (Buffalo) def. Nicholas Oliveri: Fall 2:33
Benedetti (Bloomsburg) defeated. Olivieri: Dec 5-0

McFarland (Hofstra) defeated. Jonathan Conrad: 4th-1st December
Conrad defeated. Kranitz (Buffalo): 6th-5th dec
Sheehy (army) def. Konrad: MD 13-3

Aaron cloud def. Swartz (Army): 11th-4th December
Dean (PSU) def. Cloud: TF 15-0 4:20
wood (CMU) def. Cloud: 5th-3rd dec


Kohlhofer (army) def. Thomas Mukai: TF 16-1 3:14

Nix (Campbell) defeated. Alex Semenenko: Autumn 4:55
Kaminski (Indiana) defeated. Semenenko: Autumn 3:42

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