Candice Nolan / Jan 14, 2018


Little sesame has been having a rough ride with teething. Two ear infections. And on Friday, a rollercoaster of diarrhoea, blistering nappy rash, culminating in a bladder infection.

She is such a trooper! In between the really painful bits (“Burnin’, mummy!” she cried), she was her bubbly self! We got the real makoya nappy rash cream at the pharmacy and that helped clear the rash significantly. This morning we decided to let her loose without a nappy – to give it some air and abit of sunlight.

That’s when I began to suspect that she had a bladder infection. Whenever she passed urine (which was way too frequently), she’d cry in pain, her little body tensed up, clutching desperately to me for comfort. We took her to the doctor, who initially dismissed my diagnosis but ordered a urine test anyway.

After about an hour, the golden liquid appeared and the nurse was able to run the test. I was right. She has an infection – a mild one. At that moment, I realised that my instincts are sound. I can notice even slight changes in her behaviour and I know when she is in pain! I am a mother!

I just need to trust myself more.


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