Candice Nolan / Sep 24, 2017


I googled “my nanny is overbearing”, and this was the first link that cropped up. I love nana, she is so passionate about her job – caring for baby while I’m away at work. And, I know she means well. But, there’s conflicting feelings on my side. I know, I know – feelings aren’t facts. But still.

I feel like she tries to show me up. Earlier, I was convinced baby wouldn’t eat her supper because of all the titbits from granny and nana. I was enjoying  a cuppa while waiting for her food to warm up. And hey presto, my mom comes out to announce that she ate all her food. Followed swiftly by nana, with, what I perceived as a “I told you so” attitude. Sigh.

I have to work. And I find great pleasure and satisfaction in my job. But sometimes nana says things that make me second guess myself. Baby still doesn’t call me anything. She calls grandpa “Pa” and daddy “dada”. But she had no word in her vocab for me. This makes me sad. Maybe I need to drill her more?! But I really want it to be organic, natural. In all likelihood, she will call nana “mama” 😓

This makes me sad. It feels like, at every opportunity, nana will show me how well she knows my baby. She knows when baby is tired, hungry, happy, sad, wants a bottle, is looking for comfort. And I just sit there with an empty womb and a broken heart. 🙂 I put on a brave face. I defer to her superior wisdom. I pretend to be enthralled by her daily progress reports (To me, it sounds more like “Hey, this is what you missed out on today. She called the ditt a dog. Pity you had to work”) Sigh. 

At the same time, I don’t want to sound ungrateful. I guess it all boils down to jealousy. I just don’t know how long I can keep up the facade before my mask cracks!


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