It’s snot what you think

Candice Nolan / Nov 14, 2017

It’s snot what you think

I came across an article on Facebook purporting to teach parents how to guide their children in basic etiquette. I found the article deeply offensive. Who makes the rules on what is or isn’t socially acceptable?

One of the major no-no’s, according to the article, is allowing children to “pick their noses” in public. 😐 Children already have enough on their plates, girl children in particular! Someone in her village once told baby sesame to “sit like a lady”, when her legs were in the air! Again, I ask – with patriachy lurking in the rhetorical corner: Who makes the rules?!

The science is against “them” – the purveyors of what is good and right in society. According to an article, sourced off google, eating one’s boogers may well be beneficial.

Picking one’s nose is perfectly natural. That’s why children do it. I have seen countless adults picking their noses on the daily commute. I do it too. And there’s no one around to shriek: “Eeeeeeeeeu!” Even if another motorist does look on aghast, one is at liberty to ignore them!

Little sesame can often be seen poking her finger in her nose. I leave her. If she were to pick a booger and eat it, that would be fine too. We have all done it at some stage. It would be wrong to admonish her for indulging her nature.

And, in the event that she comes across someone who would rap her over the knuckles for excavating her nasal cavity, she will be assertive enough to say “It’s snot, whatdyathink?! what doesn’t pay rent must come out!”. Just like passing wind or farting! Again, I am raising a human being, not a gender!

Pick your battles, I say, and let baby pick her nose!


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