Khoelife: The Saga Continues

Candice Nolan / Dec 13, 2019

Khoelife: The Saga Continues

After my previous post, I was contacted by someone from Khoelife. Finally, progress! Or so I thought. In good faith, I returned the soap.

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I even paid for the postage, in the hopes that I would have my money refunded. Ultimately. That decision has been causing me sleepless nights. Of course, no amount of money would make up for the harm caused. I did, however, want the product to be removed from the shelves (as it were) until proper tests could be conducted.

The lady who contacted me kept on insisting that it was just a bad batch. But what if it’s more than that? What if there is a serious problem with production? I guess, I will never know.

a screengrab from my phone displaying communication with Khoelife
A screengrab from my phone displaying recent communication from Khoelife
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