Candice Nolan / Aug 30, 2017


Life on life’s terms. That’s what I aspire to everyday. Living life on life’s terms. It makes things less cluttered and I feel less frazzled, taking things as they come. 

My baby is not well. She is feverish, is refusing food and is finicky. When I pulled in at the doctor’s office, there was a car parked off on the side. As I passed it, some lady decided to open the rear passenger door, producing a huge scrape all along the side of my car (the same side baby was on). Two weeks ago, this would of been enough to bring on a panic attack. But not today. 

I handled it all calmly. Stopped to take the drivers details. I was measured and clear headed. No crying. No screaming. The other driver admitted fault and it was a simple process. Now I’m at the police station to report. Calm. business-like. 

Baby has a minor cold. She didn’t seem to be too bothered by the accident. All is well. Life on life’s terms. It’s easier if I’m calmer.


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