Like a duck to water

Candice Nolan / Sep 5, 2017

Like a duck to water

The nanny needed another personal day, so I stayed home from work. Today was the start of the refresher classes at swimming. She did so well in the pool. She had been out of the water for a month after an intensive four week programme.

The floaters course conditions babies on what to do should they fall into a pool or a large body of water. They learn how to turn over onto their backs so they can breathe, and how to float until someone can scoop them out. At the end of the course, they go into the water fully clothed – shoes and all!

Once she starts walking, they can teach her to kick and propell herself to the safety of the edge of the pool. My baby excels in the program. She seems to be a natural in the water. 

I often feel like a failure as a mom. But this floaters course is a definite check on the list of things I got right as a mom. I’m even thinking of going for lessons myself, to conquer my own fear of water. 


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