Live wire

Candice Nolan / Jun 29, 2019

Live wire

Craving a life audience, I set up to podcast listening sessions at one of my favourite haunts. The first one went bust due to a power outage. The second time around, I invested in social media advertising and promotion of the event.

Three people turned up for attempt number one. A group of friends, two were foreign and one was a local. They listened to de bijbel. They didn’t have much feedback, other than the local one pointing out that there is actually policy documents for the pencil test and how it was to be conducted. Interesting.

53 people confirmed their attendance for the marketed event – podcast listening session II. But not one person pitched up. One could blame it on the weather – it being a chilly winters night after all. Or perhaps the location seemed abit seedy to some. Nevertheless, I never did get my live audience.

So now its back to the drawing board.

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