Lockdown in South Africa

Candice Nolan / Mar 23, 2020

Lockdown in South Africa

My country, South Africa, is under lockdown. Well, from Thursday. Earlier in the day there were pictures circulating of the army amassing in a local suburb. And the other night I saw at least 20 metro police vehicles in convoy. I live opposite a lake. 20 metro vehicles!

My community is already on lockdown. Nobody roams the streets. Even the children are being kept indoors. It is like living in the twilight zone. Only this twilight is unlike anything anyone has ever written about.

It’s a boom for my podcast. My traffic figures continue to sky rocket. At one point I had 189 people. The folks at WordPress, reckon I need 10 000 to start earning revenue off my website. But if this virus does, what the World Health Organisation expects it to do, those numbers won’t matter come May 2020.

A New South Africa

On the up side. I started taking my meds again. I ran out and was too afraid to go to the pharmacy to stock up. I’m not so gloomy. And I feel more optimistic. The power of drug companies, huh?! Wow! But I don’t regret being myself for a few days.

I was more in touch with reality. Able to see vividly. And I stand fully behind what I posted yesterday. We are witnessing something unprecedented. If ever there was time for a revolution, it is now. Imagine if people emerge from lockdown completely woke?! Dynamite!

Somehow, I doubt that the poor are going to remain poor. I think people are going to rise up against the “world powers” and turn this game on its head. Our banking sector were falling over themselves to give us breaks, so we can come out the other side feeling all happy with the status quo. South Africa is under lockdown. Who knows what might happen on the other end. Exciting time to be alive!

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