Lockdown Log: 5G and Coronavirus

Candice Nolan / Apr 10, 2020

Lockdown Log: 5G and Coronavirus

So our lockdown has been extended by another two weeks. This takes us to the end of April. Many were not surprised by this. We saw what happened in Italy. What has amazed me is how obedient South Africans are. A few months ago, Julius Malema accused the President of beating his late wife. And 5G is being rolled out. Coronavirus.

And now all opposing voices are silent. Everybody is encouraging each other to stick to the lock down. Stay the fuck at home, is the common refrain. And it all makes me wonder why? Are we witnessing the dawn of a new era? 5G and coronavirus.

My husband broke 5G down for me. I was completely oblivious. I told him I thought it was an upgrade from 4G. Oh how we laughed and laughed. It’s coming at a time that support for the country’s president has never been higher. Everyone is behind Cyril. We accepted the extension as a necessary evil in the fight against coronavirus.

I cheered him on! I was so grateful that our President was taking coronavirus so seriously. Prouder still. My delusions rejoiced. But then I recalled something my psychologist told me. He said that he read somewhere that 70% of the world population is living with coronavirus but not displaying any symptoms.

I wonder if this whole coronavirus thing was just a ruse to get the world population to stay at home. So they could install the necessary hardware for 5G. And then we come out of coronavirus lockdown, which is considered a type of trauma by experts, to a brand new world of unlimited opportunities. And they get to keep tabs on our every move.

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