Lockdown Log: Life on life’s terms

Candice Nolan / Apr 24, 2020

Lockdown Log: Life on life’s terms

I am so content. My body is completely relaxed. I’m eating healthy. Feeling fabulous! Lockdown has been the answer to a silent prayer. To top things off, things are working so smoothly on the home front. Must be all that time we’ve invested in each other over the past month, eh?! This post is dedicated to our daughter, Baby Sesame, who lives life on life’s terms.

I haven’t had an argument with hubby in weeks.

Baby Sesame is on her best behaviour. She is a bubbly, three year old, who never ceases to amaze. As a result, some of the most memorable lockdown moments I have are because of her! So she was busy drawing one day. And she came to show her daddy what she had made. “I meant to draw an oesophagus, but I drew lungs instead!”

She is truly a thing of wonder. And she is the reason I haven’t been writing as often. Baby Sesame has this ability to capture my attention. The things she says permeate my dreams and make me smile at random times. We are truly blessed! The other day I was close to tears after she got me to create a “fabric doll”. It was all her idea. She just can’t handle the material scissors. And I lovingly obliged.

Baby Sesame wins the internet!

Life on life’s terms!

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