Lockdown Log: Baby Sesame

Candice Nolan / Apr 22, 2020

Lockdown Log: Baby Sesame

I spent the day getting to know my three year old toddler. We nicknamed her Baby Sesame because she was the size of a sezame seed when we found out about her. She is fiercely independant. She discovered a lone doll’s dress. She looked for the doll for less than five minutes. And then she proceeded to put me to work. In the end, I sewed her a doll made out of polka dot cloth.

It has beaded eyes and a polka dot smile. Then we played outside. But it was a familiar game. We basically just sat outside and became mindful of our surroundings. She interacted with the elderly couple enjoying the sunset. It was so beautiful. It’s like she was sowing smiles.

I came close to tears countless times. The first was when we were cutting out paper crowns. She had her tiny toddler scissors. Sometimes she needed help to cut the magazine up. And then she would place it on my head, her hands on my temples and insist that I say “I am queen mummy, Queen of the mummies!”

Today was one of my favourite days by far. This guest post is dedicated to Baby Sesame.

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byAnonymous onBaobulb
Baby sesame

Seame certainly crowns you queen of mothers.🤗🤗😍😍

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