Lockdown Log: Back to work

Candice Nolan / Apr 6, 2020

Lockdown Log: Back to work

I returned to work last Friday. This was on the advice of my psychologist, who believes staying at home, marinating in my own delusions, is not a good thing. Armed with Domestos, I cleaned my common workspace. The keyboards (I have three) are now white from the bleach.

Someone suggested I use methylated spirits instead. Noted. Had to ask for a bottle at the tills today. Apparently, they keep it locked up somewhere. And not just for lockdown. Scary. Anyway, I’m off for the next two days. Then they went and changed the guidelines on face masks.

So my employer promised to issue us all with face masks in the coming week. The public broadcaster, or Awkward Park as I like to say, has been painfully slow in responding to the outbreak. The previous dispensation purchased an expensive biometric system, including fingerprint scanner.

In the midst of the cash crisis at the broadcaster, they started installing their expensive system. It was only with the lockdown, that they reverted to the old card system for access. Ah Hlaudi! His presence is still felt, even during coronavirus! Staff were issued with a bottle of sanitiser and gloves.

The newsroom is like a ghost town, with only essential service workers allowed in the office. But they didn’t think about air-conditioning. Now, I don’t know whether our air con mixes inside air with outside air. But I do know that at least one person in the building took ill with covid-19. I am back at work.

On the other hand

I probably should write up my last will and testament. On the plus side, one of my Church podcasts reached a record 189 listens! And then we have the Dutch example, an intelligent lockdown that is failing as fast as it’s accelerating. It seems to be premised on the idea of exposing the population to the virus, so that they develop immunity. And my psychologist think’s I’m delusional!

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