Lockdown Log: Day 1

Candice Nolan / Mar 27, 2020

Lockdown Log: Day 1

Today is the first day under lockdown in South Africa. This is my Lockdown Log: Day 1. I’m writing this from my balcony (known as a stoep in SA). I have an amazing view of a lake. My daughter is tucked snugly under my arm. She is wriggling about like a little worm.

Baby Sesame likes to keep close to the nearest parental unit. Today, is my turn. I used to joke that my bank account allows me only to panic, not panic buy. I have slowed down considerably. I’m now at a mild panic.

My dreams aren’t plagued about thoughts of armageddon and the end of humanity. Although, I still believe we deserve to be wiped off the face of the earth. All the muck we’ve caused over our generations. Slavery. Colonialism. Poverty.

It’s as though we’ve lost our humanity. Last night, one hour to lockdown, there was a guy rummaging through the bins outside. It says much about us, the way we treat the lowest among us. I’m ashamed to be human.

Orania: a community under perpetual lockdown

We have a small little community in South Africa, called Orania. It’s a self governing Afrikaaner state in the Free State. It’s completely white, even the street sweepers. I’ve been wondering about them lately. How are they coping with this lockdown?

Or are they completely unaffected by both the coronavirus and the lockdown? I wonder. Recent articles about the town reflect only on human rights and the morality of apartheid. But nobody bothered to ask them what they were doing during the lockdown.

Maybe its towns like Orania that will survive this coronavirus storm. Not because of their political ideals, but because of their rural lifestyle. My psychologist seems to think that there is a pandemic every 100 years. Reckons, the last one was in 1918. Spanish Flu.

Civilian casualties were very low because the world was still very rural back then. But more soldiers died from the virus than from bullets. I think rural communities will cope better with the lockdown. In the towns, people are used to living on top of one another.

Lockdown and the proletariat

The virus is able to spread like wildfire. I live in an apartment complex. My neighbours include an elderly couple, in their 70’s. Just the other day the old lady was washing her windows and curtains. Easter is coming, and people must spring clean.

I have been sitting on the stoep for over an hour now. A second drive drove by, softly playing music. And in a nearby coloured township, people heralded the lockdown as you would New Year. There was a street bash and then everyone went home at midnight.

People with this faulty mentality are really going to battle during the next 21 days. Cooped up in their meagre homes, living from hand to mouth. There will be many arguments and maybe some violence. I hope they wake up to the reality that this economic system we have is no longer working.

I will keep working on my podcasts. Trying, in my way, to open peoples eyes to the realities of our world. For now, I’m content. My family, including my elderly parents, are safely under lockdown. We all got together on a whatsapp conferencing call last night. Life is good.

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