Lockdown Log: Florida Lake

Candice Nolan / Sep 9, 2020

Lockdown Log: Florida Lake

Swan Street in Florida on Sunday

The more things change the more they stay the same. The beast has returned to Florida. There was an event planned for Florida Lake on Sunday. Apparently, the first of many. With a similar “meet” planned for the 26th of September. Revellers were not adhering to crowd control limits. They blocked off people’s driveways and in most cases, people were unable to enter their streets to get home. Oh, and no one wore a mask.

This is a health and safety hazard. Nobody was wearing masks. And whole families came out, with kids in tow! Imagine if there were to be some kind of emergency. Like someone needed to go to the hospital. They spin cars and do donuts etc. But emergency vehicles will not be able to access the area because the streets are parked up.

It’s a catastrophe waiting to happen. And all of this during a global pandemic! It really upsets me. These are not locals. These are people from other suburbs/townships. People who show little regard for others and who demonstrate a real lack of respect for themselves.

Steps taken

Before the lockdown, I confronted them. I was trying to get my baby home for bathtime on a Sunday afternoon. But we were unable to enter our streets. Cars were parked up three across, turning the street into a macabre parking lot. I got up in the faces of these young kids, drugging it up in their parked vehicles. Eventually, I made enough noise, and people started reluctantly moving their cars.

We had a meeting with the local metro police and police in the area. As well as the then City Councillor. They said they didn’t have the manpower to prevent the illegal gathering. I say it’s illegal, because it obviously violates by laws. One cannot, for example, block of a public road in a residential area. But there is no political will to address the problem. All they can do, is clear the party up from around 20h00. Blaring sirens and warns and flashing lights.

I am really frustrated. It’s easy to feel like, the problem is being ignored because those who are complaining are not “white enough”. However, that’s a lazy way of looking at it. This blog post is my attempt to have my voice heard. Over the sound of exhaust fumes and urine. The stench of humanity. The danger of the crowd. At least, I’ll be able to say “I told you so”.

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