Lockdown Log: For the Birds

Candice Nolan / Mar 28, 2020

Lockdown Log: For the Birds

The birds were chirping crazily this morning. I imagine they evolved the ability to have their chirps heard over the maddening human sounds of traffic and voices. Even mayhem in other parts of the country feels so foreign. So now they’re super loud and there’s nothing they have to compete with.

Nature is reclaiming her space. This lockdown is for the birds. Nobody is out in the parks and wild places. Nobody is riding elephants or roaming with lions. This lockdown was exactly what nature called for. Not to mention what it’s done for my mind.

I am at peace. No more racing thoughts and paranoid actions. Just a calm mind and a healing body. I was out in the garden with my two-year-old earlier. “Why aren’t there any cars, mommy?” And I thought, wow, a lockdown from a child’s perspective.

I realised last night, I have lived on the same side of the railway line all my life. I don’t even notice the sound of trains anymore. But now that the trains are no longer running anymore, the silence is deafening. It’s like an opportunity to take pleasure in small things.

The podcast keeps me really busy. I manage podcasts for three different churches. It’s also meant increased traffic to my website. You will recall my adventures with backlinks, from a couple of posts ago.

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