Lockdown Log: Guest Writer

Candice Nolan / Apr 21, 2020

Lockdown Log: Guest Writer

Hi Candice
Thank you for cheering me up with at times your humorous articles and in others, a deep insightful rubric on the ills of society. If you would allow me to add my comments: 

Whilst many South Africans are itching to get back to the routines the busyness that shaped their lives, I relish and enjoy the lockdown for a multiplicity of reasons. To share some insights, I watched a documentary on Netflix titled, “The Earth without humans”, which confirmed my personal view that humanity can restore the splendor of earth back to the way it was.

My junior high school science teacher will love the fact that her lessons sunk deep into my psyche – matter cannot be destroyed, it can be changed to a new state. The Netflix documentary shows that “nature” will reclaim its rightful place by rebalancing and extricating the human-made ills, to such an extent that the worlds decimated forest will be re-established. With no humans in city centres and polluting engines of the economy turned off, the earths temperature will drop, rainful increase and dammed rivers will start flowing into the sea again. Even the airborne carbon dioxide levels, will fall into the sea, feeding plankton and allowing fish stock to return. 

In our most recent history, the re-establishment of fish stock was observed in the Gulf of Aden, due to the impact of piracy. Knowing that very few ship operators would gamble their “hard earned” capital on a sunken ship and looted cargo,  the fish in the Gulf of Aden have not experienced the ferocity of human fishing activity and could spawn without disturbance.

My point being, the COVID19 lockdown has demonstrated that we do not need to get up at 05h00 in the morning just to be at the office by 08h00. Lower carbon emissions from our prized shiny wheels, less ringing cash-registers gobbling our hard earned cash or a newly resurfaced and tolled Gauteng freeway requiring continuous maintenance. In an era of heightened internet connectivity, we can perform the same jobs our bosses demand we do from their prized towers of Babel, from the comfort of our homes.

I love COVID19 lockdown as it allowed me to spend more time with my daughter who is being groomed by her school, sports club, etc. She is taught that to succeed you MUST put in the time. Now here is the real insight, my salary was not even reduced due to working from home. As a result of COVID19 I now have more money in my back pocket. The same productive output, all from the comfort of my own home.

Make COVID19 a permanent institution, for my sanity, the environment and my bank balance. The virus is now the real redistributor of wealth.
Stay safe

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