Lockdown Log: I will choose daddy.

Candice Nolan / Apr 30, 2020

Lockdown Log: I will choose daddy.

Me and Baby Sesame were watching the Little Mermaid earlier. She was so intrigued by the concept of having to choose between her daddy and the prince.

Baby Sesame watches the Little Mermaid

Then she announced, out of the blue, that if it came down to it, she would always choose her daddy! I suspect I may have to scoop melted daddy off the floor later. She had been reading a book about the Little Mermaid. And she had oh so many questions.

Why are the sisters sad, why does she have legs and why did she turn into bubbles? I must confess, I simply could not keep up. So I searched for the movie on Youtube and hey presto! I think she has found some kind of resolution.

Living our best life

Baby Sesame thinks very deeply about things. Her piercing questions have been known to trip me up many a time. Before the lockdown, she wanted to know why daddy had to go to work. So, I gave her the stock answer: “Daddy has to work so he can buy all the nice toys and sweets you like.”

A couple of days later I overheard her telling her daddy that he really didn’t need to go to work anymore because she had more than enough toys. She just couldn’t understand it. And now, post lockdown or into the lockdown, neither can we! Our goal is to be the best parents money can’t buy.

All that requires is being there. Acting as her guides as she navigates this thing called life. The Little Mermaid as a concept is too far fetched for a young mind. She is living her best life. Mummy and daddy are her best friends. And we are gentle teachers! So, I guess, we’ve been living our best life too! Living it with Baby Sesame!

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byAnonymous onblog
Little minds activate great minds

Children have the ability to make adults think about things we take for granted. Ever wondered why a dog chases its tale? (Asking for a child)

Thank you for your review 🙂