Lockdown Log: Social Distancing

Candice Nolan / Mar 27, 2020

Lockdown Log: Social Distancing

It has been such a strangely quiet day. Two cars drove by the lake today. One of the neighbours was blaring some old school beats this morning. And now, silence has descended on the neighbourhood. It is so peaceful. I could get used to this! Social distancing!

The World Health Organisation recommends social distancing in this time of coronavirus and covid19. My psychologist had similar advice: Stay away from social media! I have been heeding both pieces of advice, hence the peace and quiet.

For one thing, my mind is not racing. I am cool, calm and collected. Fully confident that I’ll survive this lockdown with my sanity in tact. I almost lost it. My mind, that is. And it was a scary, scary place. I was plagued by delusions about the end of humanity.

I still think homo sapiens have overstayed their welcome on planet earth. The seas are choking with plastic, which humans produce at breakneck speed and discard even faster. Roadkill is a common occurrence in major cities. We keep clashing with nature.

In my mind, I imagined that the coronavirus was the earth’s way of taking back control. Us humans have gotten out of hand. We are an unhygienic bunch. We live like pigs. And we lord it over the rest of creation. Of course, the earth would spare me.

I had this thing figured out. Me and my family would survive the apocalypse without more. Always a step ahead of the rest. And then we would start a new civilisation, but this time – spread out across the earth. Because clearly, we cannot exist together. Social distancing.

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