Lockdown Log: Status quo

Candice Nolan / Mar 31, 2020

Lockdown Log: Status quo

I find it funny that the media in South Africa believe they will still be around after lockdown. Journalists have declared themselves essential service workers, so that they can maintain the status quo. But the centre is not holding.

People are increasingly realising that they are able to access their own news, and in some cases become sources of news and information. Social media is exploding with citizen reporters, providing more in-depth coverage.

Just look at the organisations that have been declared essential services: Banks, supermarket chains, social security workers, municipal staff, medical employees, media, the army and police. These are preserved from the harmful effects of lockdown.


And so it begins…

But soon people are going to realise they don’t need any of those essential services. We are perfectly capable of regulating our own lives. We can grow our own food and bake our own bread. Now that we don’t have jobs to go to.

Why return to the rat race? And with every day that passes in the lockdown, people are slowly waking up to that idea. Just think, the world was a different place 20 years ago. Before the age of Facebook, email and whatsApp. It has become unsustainable.

It’s like the world is resetting to factory settings. And there’s simply no room for nuclear warheads, space missions, world sporting events, banks, GDP, oil and gas. Perhaps this was the revolution that Karl Marx was yearning for. And it will be televised.


It’s truly an exciting time to be alive. The possibilities are endless. Once humans realise that we are not the apex predator, things will slowly start falling back into place. I keep having this debate with my dad about the virus being manmade.

Yes, we have the capability to invent such a virus. But, we simply don’t have the balls. It’s like building a bomb and pointing the business end at your self. It’s a suicide mission. This virus is the apex predator.

Perhaps it came alive during the age of the dinosaurs and the giants. Something needed to cut them down to size. A virus and something from outer space, just for control. Not everyone will succumb to the virus. But nothing’s stopping nature from following this up.

Like Bob said…

Status quo

So perhaps we are entering a time of nirvana. The world is going to be so different after we’re gone. But back to the beginning. Yes, I’m living day by day. Confronted by the things that are really important. Like spending time with babySesame and helping her to be the best version of herself.

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