Lockdown Log: The Fourth Escape?

Candice Nolan / May 1, 2020

Lockdown Log: The Fourth Escape?

Superman was fake. And so, it seems, was Clarke Kent. Has anyone seen what is happening with the news media of late. It’s imploding silently. It seems news media have been hijacked and are now pursuing a government agenda. Did the fourth estate escape? Could this be the Fourth Escape? This appeared on the public broadcasters news channel the other day:

It was a news item on the 7 o’clock news bulletin. The presenter introduced some nonsense about a prayer vigil in the free state. They then crossed live to their reporter on a hill top. She introduced the first speaker, the Premier or mayor or whatever.

This is not good tv. What worries me more is that the voices of media watchdogs like SANEF and MMA. Did you hear? A magazine group folded the other day. And then government snuck in a ban on book sales. If ever there was a threat to media freedom, it is now. What?! Were they expecting an attack from the left? In a journalism lecture a long time ago, I heard “The media don’t tell you what to think. They tell you what to think about.”

Well, I guess, that’s true enough. As you were.

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