Lockdown Log: The man in the green blanket

Candice Nolan / Apr 20, 2020

Lockdown Log: The man in the green blanket

There are these human beings who live on adrenalin. Some go into the bowels on the earth to extract sparkly things. People, who call themselves mine owners, pay these people to do what they love. The trouble comes in when the mine owners think that they are influencing the lives of miners. Take the man in the green blanket as an example.

Every day is a battle for survival. Some people obsess about this battle. Hence the popularity of episodes like 1000 ways to die. But all this hullaballoo about whether or not miners should go back to work in the future, is a farce. If miners decide to go back to work during a pandemic, then perhaps they want to die.

Or maybe they don’t care about the pandemic. Maybe they just tired of going down into the earth to look for sparkly things. Who knows? To each their own pursuit of happiness. One successful miner that pervades my memory is the “man in the green blanket“.

Modern adventurers

The police killed miners at marikana. It is etched in the South African public memory. People have written articles about him. His face shows up on a google search. He has come to symbolise the struggle of the miners at Marikana. He is successful simply for being a human face in a tragedy.

Police cut short his life. He no longer lives in a physical sense. But everyone will feel a certain way about him. And that is the story of a life well lived. He made a mark on the world. Inspired a movement. Brought about change in the mining industry. Ultimately he launched the political aspirations of one Cyril Ramaphosa.

Talk about an influencer?! The man in the green blanket is prolific. And he loved life. I know this because he was a leader. He wanted a better life for those around him. I don’t think anybody would have had to put him under lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

The man in the green blanket

That guy took calculated risks. He fell. Short. But he lived fully.

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