Lockdown Log: The show must go on…

Candice Nolan / Apr 17, 2020

Lockdown Log: The show must go on…

Every fibre of my being is insisting on staying at home. It’s so lovely, interacting with my three year old. I mean really interacting with #BabySesame. She’s quite lovely. She hardly has any temper tantrums. And the two of us get along perfectly fine. Zero disciplinary issues. Things with hubby are at an all time high. I actually quite like the guy.

But the show must go on. Today I chose to play a fictional game with other children. It’s called work. We all sit around the office and process news stories. Some of us are news readers. Some of us, like me are simple compilers. I listen to the bbc and tv news and repackage the stories for radio bulletins. The thing about it is, nobody is listening.

I’m risking my life for you, joe public. And you are safely ensconced in your home, enjoying your family. Oblivious to the latest world death toll. Indifferent about Trump’s threats to lift the lockdown. But, it’s a choice I have made. You see, I need this job. To pay my bills at the end of the month. It’s all perfectly logical. The show, after all, must go on!

Why do I do it?

Again, what if I lose my job? Well, then they’ll bring in the lawyers and force me to pay my bond and if I can’t they’ll take me to court and they will order that I vacate my home. This whole process could take years. But you see, I need to secure the place for my daughter. Well, what if she doesn’t want to live here. What if she wants to live across the road?

Well then, she could sell this house and buy somewhere else. It all sounds so futile. I’m risking my life by going to work. Every day. I get in my car and drive on deserted roads to an office park, which reported at least one infection. And I sanitise my hands and wear a face mask. But it just occured to me, they don’t even know what this virus does to the human body.

They simply don’t know. It’s too soon to tell. They have to study the survivors to determine the long term effects. It’s just too risky to play their game. Just think of the thousands of emergency services workers legitimately risking their lives for you. The infection rate among them is growing exponentially. All they are trying to do is to help people who are sick with this virus.

But nature has spoken. If you want to live, stay home. The key to fighting this virus, is avoiding infection. Experts predict that 80% of the world population will be infected. The trouble is, they don’t know what the long term effects of this virus is. And none of the survivors are around to tell the tale.

But the show must go on

Of course, I have a shift tomorrow. iJob, yiJob!

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