Lockdown Log: The Smoker

Candice Nolan / Apr 29, 2020

Lockdown Log: The Smoker

I quit smoking about eight years ago. An ex smoker (and very grateful). I can only hope that was a good thing. Because the way my government is prevaricating on tobacco products sales gives one major pause for thought. Our beloved leader changed his mind about what would happen next week Friday.

In his infinite wisdom, he has decreed that cigarettes will no longer go on sale. Just days ago, he promised that Level four (as opposed to hard lockdown level five) would be like lockdown with cigarettes. And then he done changed his damn mind! Oh what a tangled web we weave.

And now the country is losing their minds. The arrogance of him believing that he knew what this virus was going to do next, based on what it did in the past. Well, it simply boggles the mind. Not only that, he deigns the power to determine what will and will not go on sale in the future?!

But, I digress. I know smokers are up in arms right now, but now is the time that you really pay attention. Read between the lines of lies. Why did they ban the sale of cigarettes in South Africa? No other world nation did so. I reckon it’s because they are now seeing the effects of coronavirus on smokers.

Very early on, the numbers told us that 70% of the world population would get coronavirus. The trouble is, they have no idea how its going to react in the bodies of such a large mass of people. But smoking is bad. They always said it can kill you.

WHO knows?!

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