Lockdown Log: The Virus

Candice Nolan / May 21, 2020

Lockdown Log: The Virus

I was gobsmacked the other day, to learn that a dutch farmworker contracted coronavirus from a mink on a fur farm. This means that aside from the eight known strains that are causing the pandemic, an animal transmitted the coronavirus to a human being in the midst of a global pandemic (but despite it). Neither of them have any link to the wet market at Wuhan.

This is very concerning. Today, in South Africa, the Gauteng education mec of announced plans to reopen schools come June 1st. Imagine. The virus is the most powerful thing in the world today. It has literally taken over the world. From a small little somebody at a fish market in Wuhan in December, to a Dutch farmworker on a fur farm.

The odds are not really in our favour. Officialdom says “We have to learn to live with this virus”, cautioning people to frequently wash their hands and wear a mask. So, listen, there is nothing to stop this virus from killing you. Prevention is the only cure.

Yet the most obvious solution, is to stay at home and mind your own business. Nevertheless, the business of school is school. And the show must go on.

I am not entirely concerned about the reopening of schools. As for me and my household, we will stay at home. It’s almost like watching “A thousand ways to die” on repeat. When I pass a crowded mall on the way to work, I can’t help but point to every third person and go “dead, dead, dead…hooo dead!” Like in that one Trevor Noah comedy show.

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