Lockdown Log: The world has gone mad

Candice Nolan / Apr 14, 2020

Lockdown Log: The world has gone mad

Mineworkers were complaining that they were forced to return to work despite the lockdown. The union vowed to investigate. The mine was unavailable for comment. What I don’t understand is how people could choose to risk their lives in order to make a living. It goes against nature. The world has gone mad!

The game is up. The western world with their capitalistic notions have failed to protect themselves against coronavirus. America is burning. The mighty dollar is crashing. Their answer to the biggest challenge in human history, is an ageing billionaire called Donald Trump. And their money cannot save them. In fact, its the very pursuit of it that is killing them. The world has gone mad!

Alas. I just got another gaming request from someone on Facebook. I’m not supposed to be on facecloth, you know. For obvious reasons. I’m much better tottering about my home, enjoying my family. Every now and then I wonder how everyone else is doing. And then I invite noise. Irritating noise from gaming requests. And noise that does no more than unsettle me. The world has gone mad!

Capitalism vs Communism

This capitalist crisis has got my goat. I just come off shift. Been exposed to news all day. I know, I know. News doesn’t tell you what to think. It tells you what to think about. So now I’m thinking about capitalism and how the whole system is falling. I saw China donated some personal protective gear and medicines.

America donated nothing. Their world bank is still gently encouraging debtors to go easy on those loan repayments. China overcame the disease. With their authoritarian regime. And their face masks. And they have generously vowed to continue assisting African nations facing this epidemic. Because Africa is the cash cow, and the ball is in China’s court now.

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