Lockdown log: World debt

Candice Nolan / Apr 15, 2020

Lockdown log: World debt

In a shock move, the International Monetary Fund told the guys who owe them the most money that they don’t have to pay back the money. But just think about debt. It is considered a problem of global proportions. Before coronavirus, it was the pandemic. But what if we stop playing the game? Take your ball back and go home?

Who exactly does the world owe and for what? So, they seem to have convinced all of us, that in order to find happiness we have to keep playing with each other. When really, we are most happy and at peace when we are on our own. With everyone keeping to their lane, there is no need to wage war over scarce resources.

If I live tomorrow the same way I’m doing today, I think I’ll be just fine. The odds of survival are in my favour. I managed to avoid a deadly virus by staying out of other people’s business. Social distancing is the norm. We were all doing it wrong, all along. I am perfectly content with the humans that are around me right now.

I imagine there’s not much “they” can do if everyone sticks to lockdown. They don’t have enough armies to cajole the entire population. And those brave adventurers, can explore the world with a dangerous virus. Good vs Evil. Watch the world burn. And then, alas, America comes up with a cure. Like they said they would…in the movies. We are living through something far greater than any Hollywood script. This is life.

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