Making friends

Candice Nolan / Sep 17, 2017

Making friends

Not sure if I mentioned this before? But, aside from “daddy” – she says it – Uncle Rickson and pa, baby has an irrational fear of men. She bursts into tears if they even so much as look at her. And we all know how men get around weepy females. 🤣

We first noticed it when we ran into my towering buddy, Wes. All he did was greet me, and baby went into a flat panic. She literally tried to climb into my skin to avoid, the now remorseful, Uncle Wes. The more he tried to placate her, the more she screamed. It was hilarious! 🤣

Her daddy hopes her aversion to mankind persists throughout her childhood and into adulthood. 😂 Daddy got jokes!

Baby doesn’t get to interact much with peeps her age. She is the youngest at baby sensory. She has a cuzzy who is a few months younger than her (pictured). They were really interested in each other for 0.000010 seconds. We caught the moment on camera. I strongly suspect, the plastic cup was a mutual focal point! 🤣


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