Ministry of Hugs

Candice Nolan / Aug 20, 2017

Ministry of Hugs

I’m reading TD Jakes “Woman, thou art loosed!”. In Chapter 5 “Walk into the newness”, he speaks about his ministry of hugs. He explains, “When something happens, and I really can’t fix it, I just hug them.”

I am brand spanking new to this parenting thing. My baby is only 9 months young. As long as her basic needs are met (food, love, shelter, sleep, dry nappy, comfort), she is happy. But already, I have seen the power of a cuddle. It calms her. Softens her. Seems to make her feel secure. Granted, most of our cuddle time is at the breast…but still. The ministry of hugs works wonders.

Leads me on to my breastfeeding conundrum. Its been holding me back in terms of drug therapy. But its also become an unhealthy crutch. My fear is that outside of breastfeeding, I don’t share a connection with my daughter. 

Big things to grapple with.

Being is better than doing. Minister by hugs. Baby steps.


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  1. Parenthood comes with multiple stages of mourning. I’m watching my sister go through a big one now with her 20-year old varsity son who pushes for more freedom and independence. For me, the end of breastfeeding with both my kids was a biggie. My oldest daughter’s first solo playdate another. But we learn to shift as they grow, a tandem dance of care-let-go-new-care-role. And so you too will tap dance along your bambino’s ever-shifting needs, my dear friend. Just hang in there.
    (I imagine your blog renamed ‘momsterinlove’ soon).

    Cheering you on, as always. And immensely proud of your raw honesty, as always.

    Love & light,

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