Candice Nolan / Feb 14, 2020


So, I got engaged in a debate with an atheist the other day. He was pontificating about the ludicrousness of organised religion (as is his custom). Anyhoo, he posted an article about Trump asking if it was wrong to be more sexually attracted to one’s daughter than one’s wife. And, of course, Trump is “christian”, so therefore all Christian’s are amoral.

I said, I told him, I said “Listen, buddy! I know why I think incest is wrong. Kante (but), why do you say it’s wrong? What is the source of your moral code? Because if we are all just happy accidents and there are no consequences for our actions, then why do you believe incest is bad?”

I mean, incest is bad from a procreation standpoint. But if it doesn’t matter because we all gonna die anyway, then why not bonk your daughter? Who cares if your kids are born deformed?! He had no answer. Zilch. I asked him to produce this moral code of his. Is it something that can be tested scientifically? What is its source or origin?

And he couldn’t. Shame, poor guy. I even offered him an alternative, in keeping with his theory of evolution. That males are a slithering bunch. Lecherous in their leanings. Purposeful in the direction of their misogynistic rage. That’s it. That’s all they will ever be. And that’s all She wrote. Amen.

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