Mrs Mahlase

Candice Nolan / Sep 30, 2017

Mrs Mahlase

After months of planning, blood, sweat and tears, the wedding day is finally behind them and they can settle down as man and wife! It was a beautiful wedding, blessed by the African sun. Although, I heard, in African tradition, it is considered good luck if it rains on your wedding day! Thankfully, a cool breeze prevented many from melting in the sun, as we sat together to witness the exchange of vows (It was a garden wedding). 

Although, truth be told, I sought refuge in the shade of a big old tree. At the end of the punchy service, the Minister thanked those who stuck it out in the sun. “It shows your commitment to see this couple through life’s challenges”. The bride turned towards the few stragglers under the trees, giving us a pointed look. 

Sorry, Moruti. In your message, you said the “wedding is one day. But marriage is a lifetime commitment”. So for today, I was committed to keeping my hairstyle in tact!

I sweat alot in my face. And my hair and moisture do not mix. Which is the whole reason why I don’t keep my hair like this. I had an image to uphold, and it was vital to preserve it for the photos! Bestie, I will always catch you when you fall, under the proviso that my hair is in its natural state or otherwise its not too hot and there’s no water involved. 🤔

It was a wonderful occassion. We were all drowning in the depth of their love. It was truly a sight to behold. The bride, my bestie, was a vision. Absolutely breathtaking. I cried. Just to be able to witness them promising forevers! Wow!

As they are wont to do, weddings do one of two things. Either you daydream about your big day. Or you reflect on your own wedding day. It’s almost like you relive the moments, smiling softly to yourself, as you reminisce on your big day.

Three years into this marriage game, and we have much to be grateful for. We have both grown individually and our love has deepened with time. 

I can only speak of my own growth trajectory. I am alot more patient with him than I used to be. More forgiving. More empathetic. My depression kinda forced my hand. To see how supportive Morris was, about something he didn’t quite understand, it made me want to strive to get better, to be better.

Our wedding day was grand, filled with wonderful memories. But our marriage tapestry is richly woven with patience, kindness and love. It’s far from perfect, but it is beautiful in its imperfection. And we recently added a new thread. What joy to watch her grow and blossom!

I am so excited for Mr and Mrs Mahlase, the colourful adventures that await as they grow the contours of their love.


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