Candice Nolan / Sep 23, 2017


Thank heavens for family. My mom’s brothers and sisters rallied around her today. Her health scare, this past Thursday, came as a shock to most.

Mom lives a healthy lifestyle. She is very cautious about what she puts into her body. Still, she has this frightful condition that means her blood is prone to clotting more than the norm. Doctor’s suspect this may have been behind the TIA.

She is looking much better for seeing her siblings. Baby was not to impressed though. There were all these tall imposing uncles, with deep voices. It took her half an hour to willingly crawl, and then she threw a fit when Uncle David said hello. 😐

She warmed up to Uncle Ralph, who could make bird calls and seemed to speak her language. And she peeked shyly over ma’s shoulder at Aunty Marlene. At first, she clung to Pa, seeking refuge from these new faces and strange voices. 

Eventually, she was familiar with everyone, and in between unpacking Pa’s CD collection, merrily crawled about! She kept on chewing strange things. She would be scavenging fluff off of the carpet and putting it in her mouth. Earlier, in her mouth, I found a price tag from a pair of shoes she had been playing with in the mall. Guess she will have an expensive stool soon. 🤣


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