My little eye apple

Candice Nolan / Nov 5, 2017

My little eye apple

She is such a joy. She just has “that thing” – the thing that makes your heart smile. I love her so completely and it feels good.

She had a small little party at home to mark her first birthday. It was focussed totally on the kids. Although her tv viewing is limited, she developed a love for Winnie the Pooh. Nana plays poo bear videos off her phone.

So she had a Pooh Bear theme, with a honey bee focus. Her 5 guests (the eldest is 7) took home little flower pots (which my sister painstakingly decorated). This after they watched a 2 minute video about Pooh and how much he loves honey; and a 2 minute cartoon about how bees make honey.

Really proud of how we all managed to pull it together, on a shoestring budget no less! And the best part of it all was that she had a blast. There was a crawly tunnel, ball bath, balloons (she ate the inked pooh bear on hers – sigh); pooh bear themed teepee and a splendid cake! I had to laugh at myself: was so startled when one of the boys upended the ball bath (I had this vision that the balls would remain in the bath 🤣)

And we doing a little time capsule for her to open when she turns 10. All the guests filled out a questionaire, including what they think she might be when she grows up!

We have really come a long way! I am feeling so grateful and blessed. Parenting is fun!


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