Candice Nolan / Sep 5, 2017


My daughter has an amazing nanny. She is my sister’s mother-in-law. She is a grandmother of five and a career homemaker. She has been an amazing pillar of strength throughout my motherhood journey, always happy to lend a helping hand.

My daughter knows her as “Nana”. She is the primary caregiver and I have full confidence in her. When I returned to work in May, I had no cause to call to check up on baby. She goes over and beyond the call of duty and I count myself lucky to have her in my corner.

She even prepares baby’s meals: rich lamb stew, chicken stew, macaroni & cheese – all carefully prepared and frozen in ice trays. She even prepares porridge: jungle oats, pap and maltabella, with pureed dried fruit as an additive.

Nana hasn’t been well of late. She has been hospitalised, in fact. I have had to take off from work to care for baby. But, thanks to Nana’s ready meals, the job a breeze. 

As I reflect on life with post natal depression, I feel grateful for people like nana. She is a fount of wisdom and a welcome support in times of turmoil. We wish her a speedy recovery. 

With Nana away, and me stepping in the gap, time with baby is slowly chipping away at my fear of being alone with her. I manage swimming class, mealtimes, nap times and playtime. We are getting to know each other as the fog of my depression slowly lifts. I am getting something right!


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