Naughty or nice?

Candice Nolan / Oct 17, 2017

Naughty or nice?

So nana reported that the little one has been showing certain tendencies of late. Leaning, dangerously, toward the red zone on the naughty scale.

It happened thus: Baby wanted the door key. She was inconsolable. Incessant in her tears. Nana calmly explained that she’d have to sterilise them first. Baby either didn’t understand or didn’t want to. 

Upon reflection, I’m not sure I’d categorise it as naughtiness. I reckon she was frustrated – unable to meaningfully engage nana on her desire for the key. The only tool she has, to voice her dissatisfaction, is turning on the water works.

It doesn’t matter, inevitably. This is so because the approach (nana’s and mine) to deal with the situation is the same. I would have done the same thing. One cannot give in to the tears. While still being sympathetic to her frustration, the keys will be sterilised before she is allowed to play with them. Like my dad used to say, tears are good for cleaning out one’s eyes! 😉

That said, she is a cheeky little miss. The little personality is blossoming! 


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