Lip Service

Candice Nolan / Sep 18, 2017

Lip Service

I used to have a rather terrible habit. I would pull the skin off my lips until I drew blood. Even that didn’t stop me. People thought I had blisters. But it was all self influcted.

I read somewhere, that anxious people have this habit, also nailbiting. It’s true for me. When I did it, my whole body would tense up. A vicious cycle.

I am not anxious anymore. With all the positive change in my life, I felt the need to quit this unsightly self-mutilation. I feel so empowered. Not to mention, determined.

It proved to be a habit that was hard to break. I started by avoiding vaseline products, which contain petroleum – an addictive substance. Vaseline primed my lips for the slaughter. 

But the habit was ingrained. I often caught myself picking at my lips. This one time, it got so bad, that again, I drew blood. It was under my nails. Macabre. 

And then I found a lipice, containing beeswax and camphor. It burns if I have any raw skin on my lips. Its been four days, and I am doing great. No picking. 

This morning, I discovered lipstick on my dresser. Probably left over from some occassion or other (I hardly wear make-up). The results are pictured. And, let me tell you, I was too scared to pick my lips! 


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