Not her first road-eo

Candice Nolan / Oct 1, 2017

Not her first road-eo

The journey home from Polokwane was definitely shorter. But not sweeter. Sjoe! This baby was niggly! I guess she wanted to be free to crawl and play. Instead, she was stuck in her carseat, constained by straps.

It was hard for me too. I ran out of animals for old man Mc Donald’s farm. Although, hubby – who was driving – helped out with sound effects. We had some lion on that farm, no wonder we ran out of farm animals. 🤔

My parents recorded videos, which I had to replay over and over to keep the tears at bay! Just then we passed a massive truck. Thankful for the break from the videos, I exclaimed, “Look! a truck! “Kak”, came the retort. 

“Kak” is an afrikaans word for excrement, also used as an expletive when one feels that someone is talking nonsense. “No, baby, TR-U-CK!” “Kak!”, she exclaimed. Much needed comic relief! I couldn’t wait to pass the next “kak”! 🤣

All in all, it was a lovely family weekend! The fam came over to welcome us home! It’s somewhat a tradition to celebrate baby’s milestone birthdays with a cake. And for the first time ever, she got to join in the fun! 


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